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Experience and Passion



Founded by Al Smith in 2009, Al Smith Productions has consistently demonstrated its dedication to the Daytona Beach community by orchestrating successful events that promote the Downtown Daytona Beach and Main Street areas. The award-winning Downtown Daytona Beach Events Wine Walks like the Wine & Chocolate Walk, the Wine & Cheese Walk, and a newly added Mother's Day Wine Walk are noteworthy. Other popular events feature lively street celebrations such as St. Paddy's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, and the two-day Daytona Beach Arts Fest.


At its core, Al Smith Productions is relentless in its mission to create opportunities for small business owners to heighten their visibility and gain new business. Close collaboration with the City of Daytona Beach emphasizes a robust partnership that advances Downtown's economic impact. Al Smith Productions also produces popular Main Street events such as the New Year's Eve On Main Street festivities and Rock the Block Parties, promoting the World's Most Famous party street.


Al grew up in Daytona Beach and has deep roots in the community. The Smith family owns and operates the popular Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory & Café on Beach Street. Al's early involvement in events encompasses beach volleyball tournaments (even clinching a national championship event during the 1980s) and hosting spring break extravaganzas with MTV. In 1986, he founded a sports promotion company, New Horizons. Motivated by his desire to invigorate the local economy and enhance community involvement through event organization, Al Smith Productions was launched in 2009 and reflects Al's profound dedication to entrepreneurship while actively driving community involvement and engagement.


Al Smith Productions is deeply ingrained in the fabric of the Daytona Beach community, showcasing dedication to event coordination, support for local businesses, and the overall enrichment of the Daytona Beach area. The success of Al Smith Productions is a testament to Al and his dedicated team members' tireless efforts and unwavering commitment. The Al Smith Productions team and its valued partners are dedicated to providing events backed by experience and passion.

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